I'm very proud to be playing a handful of dates in Switzerland and France with ZamZam honchos H and Uiutna... We are starting with an all night gig at the Cave 12 in Geneva as announced on the stunning poster by Thomas Perrodin. Mental Transmutation Music is now available for listen online.

Mental Transmutation Music


Moon RA's | Cycles & Revolutions | New Moon | New Year's Day was a huge success, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually with positive feedback coming back for months and heart warming comments such as 'Spiritual Communion' and 'Religious Experience'. Until further (and different) plans to pursue the Creative Communal Enlightenment, I edited the footage shot by LauRA Hypponen and made a trailer of sorts...


S&M have had their first substantial press in the guise of a joint interview for the Quietus. It's strange and mildly disconcerting to now be part of the promotional cycles of the music industry, but nonetheless thank you to Ditto and Alison, Jess Crowe and Elyssa Iona for her awesome photo based on the Great Work.

Quietus article


I've been putting on and hosting a string of gigs, collaborations and installations at MKII, the creative space I co-run with Mark Righo. These have including really great folks like Bear Bones, Lay Low, Bird People, Chicaloyoh, Juan Carlos Vazquez, H ZamZam, Raxil4, TCH, Jake Blanchard, Left Hand cut off the Right, Pablo Sanz, Alex Monk, So Like Dorian, Bare Bones, Graham Dunning among others... 2014 sees plans to pursue, open and mix proceedings up with elements of ceremonial and traditional practices, healing, participatory, conceptual and performance arts, immersive environments and site specific installations...



Birmingham curators Capsule made a 'call out' for additional players to partake in Adrian Utley (Portishead)'s guitar orchestra rendition of Terry Riley's famous minimal piece 'in C'. I decided to go with Christos Fanaras (see post below) and due to difficult sunday transport connections / schedules we had to borrow a last minute car and missed the official rehearsal. As such, for us, it became an exercise in caution and restraint, having to listen and learn before throwing ourselves in the deep end.

Circles & Rotations

The phenomena that is Moon RA is back for another edition. Welcoming in the New Year will a special New Year's Day | New Moon performance in the big church of the Round Chapel. Featuring more players, more collaborators, a cosmic church ceiling, smoke & mirrors and plenty more surprises it promises to be a fully immersive and transcendental auditory and visual experience.