I have the pleasure of announcing the launch of my brand new website that will home / host several of my main projects (Cymagick, MW, H.U.M, S&M, Moon RA, Korē Kosmou, MKII) with photos, bios, videos, playlists, and live dates all updated regularly.

Please refer to this website from here ----on...

Mark Wagner


I have started to play & performa with Cymatics while writing a detailed study of Vibratory Phenomena. Below are two excerpts from the first performances, one featuring a demo with Agathe Max on violin. I have dubbed this practice Cymagick and will performing next on the 8th August at the supernormal creating alongside Sanna Charles an immersive environment for performance, demonstrations, interactions and exhibition under the banner 'Sound & Mysticism'


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(Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi) H.U.M.

H.U.M. (kosmik improv 3 piece consisting of H, UIUTNA, MW) went on tour, playing in France, Belgium, Germany, Prague and Vienna. We got to play a basement, a squat, a house, venues, art spaces etc playing either our respective solo sets in succession or the three of us together or both. Cymagick demos were given, Eternity was touched, and a bizarre association with European 'varieté' music was established. The tour ended with two days recording at MKII.

Short excerpt 'lift off' from the Paris show (merci Jean Charles)


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Cymatics is the study of visualisation of vibratory Phenomena. Using various simple devices and mediums like a metal plate on a sensitive speaker, liquids in an amplifier or lasers and mirrors you can actually see the shapes and forms created by specific tones --be it pure sine, feedback or the voice. The results are spectacular and mesmerising with complex symmetries, 'sacred' geometries and patterns reminiscent of nature. The metaphysical implications are endless giving a glimpse at the organisation of matter, the correlations between vibrational spectrums and... the very nature of Matter / Mind / Spirit. Here are some experiments in chronological order.

Gnod Gnetwerks

I can never say enough good things about Manchunian psycha-tekno heroes Gnod. It was a true honour to be invited to support them (or members of Gnod crew) in an disused police station in Bristol (with H.U.M., Michael O'Neill, Lightning Glove, Giant Swan...) and in a pub-venue in London. Gnod never leave the house without their sublime PA and legendary sound maestro Raikes.


Re Birth

I put on an Easter Sunday all dayer named Re Birth in honour of the resurrection of all things spiritual and creative. The day was a great success with a truly amazing vibe and stunning performances by the likes of The Anima (Mark Wagner & Dom Cooper, Artur Vidal, Organ Octet, Daba Pruft, Asterism, Joseph Lewes, St Moritzz, Elephant House, MW, Black Lagoya and more...  Spirits were high flying and here is footage of my whole set (introduced by 'God' Truscott)


H.U.M. is the Kosmik improv. trio comprising of H, Uiutna and Mark Wagner. The three piece came together naturally as a result of touring and jamming. In April we played a string of dates or a sort of mini Hackney tour with 4 gigs in 3 days. This is the last set of the week end at the ZamZam showcase at Apiary studios...

La Chaud de Fond


I'm very proud to be playing a handful of dates in Switzerland and France with ZamZam honchos H and Uiutna... We are starting with an all night gig at the Cave 12 in Geneva as announced on the stunning poster by Thomas Perrodin. Mental Transmutation Music is now available for listen online.

Mental Transmutation Music